Simplify your plan for retirement.

Our 5-step process is designed to make your life simpler. Because we don’t expect you to be an expert (that’s our job), we provide education along the way so you know what we’re recommending and why.

Step 1: Introduction

In our introduction call, we’ll spend 15-20 minutes getting to know each other. We ask you questions about your current financial situation, your goals, and your concerns. We also tell you more about our firm and answer your questions.

Step 2: Discovery

If we mutually decide we’re a good fit, we will dive deeper into your financial picture and your needs for the future. We will gather your personal information and use various retirement calculators to look at different scenarios based on your resources.

Step 3: Strategy

Next, we strategize the best ways to help you reach your goals based on where you are today. Our strategies take into account your income sources, your risk characteristics, tax realities, healthcare needs, and insurance protection. We then present our recommended plan to help you get where you need to be for a comfortable retirement.

Step 4: Implementation

Once you understand and agree to your plan, we implement it. Through a hands-on approach, we help you complete the necessary tasks to get your plan started.

Step 5: Evaluation

Retirement planning is a process, so we provide ongoing evaluation of your plan and portfolio. It’s important that we stay in touch at least annually to make sure your plan is always working in your favor.

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