Retirement Plan Services

We are dedicated to providing retirement plan investment management and strategic planning to the company retirement plan space. Simply put, we strive to be our client’s trusted advisor. As a financial advisory firm, our primary focus is to provide unbiased opinions that are designed to achieve long term investment results, increased employee satisfaction and reduced employer liability while keeping total plan costs easy to understand and as reasonable as possible.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Simple IRA
  • Plan Design
  • Investment Selection & Advisory
  • Fee Analysis
  • Liability Protection
  • Employee Education


Investment Advisory

To reduce the burden on plan sponsors and human resource managers, Rosemeyer Management Group will assist in the selection of a retirement plan that is appropriate for your business. As part of that process we will ensure that your current plan is designed in the most intelligent manner possible for your unique business goals.

In addition, we will work with you to craft an investment lineup that is best suited for your business. We will also help you keep current with the ever changing economy and the retirement plan industry. We will help you manage the health and welfare of your retirement plan over its life time keeping you up to date on regulatory changes, program enhancements and providing you with the necessary investment due diligence. 


Fee Analysis

Inordinate plan costs can result in liability issues, disgruntled employees and reduced retirement benefits for both employees and plan sponsors. As a 401(k) Plan Sponsor, when is the last time that you benchmarked your 401(k) fees? Are your fees appropriate for the size of your plan and the level of service that you are receiving? Do you know what your total all-in plans costs truly are?

  • Do you quantify on an annual basis:
  • Administration costs
  • Recording-keeping costs
  • Custodial costs
  • Investment advisory costs
  • Plan investment costs

If you are unaware of any of the above related costs, allow Rosemeyer Management Group to provide you with a free fee analysis of your plan.


Liability Awareness

Many business owners are unaware of the liability pitfalls that can plague a poorly designed and poorly ran employer-sponsored retirement plan. At Rosemeyer Management Group we work closely with employers to reduce the liability that they face as a retirement plan sponsor.

  • We provide the following services to ease that liability:
  • Fiduciary manager on plan assets as a delegated 3(38) investment manager
  • Investment Policy Statement creation
  • Annual Investment Policy Statement updates
  • Plan Fee Benchmarking
  • Plan design consultation
  • Participant education


Employee Education

An employer-sponsored retirement plan, especially when coupled with investment advisory services, can be a great way for plan sponsors to increase overall employee satisfaction and retention. At Rosemeyer Management Group we understand how vital employee happiness is to your overall business success. Therefore, we offer the following services to all rank and file employees.

  • Investment education
  • Monthly economic updates
  • Annually updated retirement calculators
  • One-on-one financial education
  • Life insurance analysis
  • Social security consulting
  • Estate planning education


Cash Balance Plan

Often times we encounter retirement plan sponsors who either want to defer more into their retirement plans or who could be getting more out of their current retirement plan.

Enter Cash Balance Plans:

A Cash Balance Plan, is a type of retirement plan that belongs to the same general class of plans known as “Qualified Plans.” A 401(k) is a qualified plan. These plans “qualify” for tax deferral and creditor preferred treatment under ERISA.

In a Cash Balance Plan each participant has an account. The account grows annually in two ways: first, as a contribution and second, an interest credit, which is guaranteed rather than being dependent on the plan’s investment performance. Any guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company.

Many owners and partners are looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. Cash Balance Plans may be the perfect solution for them. The 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) and the Cash Balance regulations issued in 2010 and 2014 have made these plans even more flexible and easier to administer, making them an increasingly popular choice for successful business owners.


Cash Balance Plans are more complex than most traditional employer sponsored retirement plans. However, they can provide significant benefits to both the employer and the employee when used in the right situations.

For more information on cash balance plans please contact us or visit

2016 Contribution Limit Table

Age 401(k) Profit Sharing Cash Balance Total
65 24,000 35,000 245,000 304,000
64 24,000 35,000 250,000 309,000
63 24,000 35,000 256,000 315,000
62 24,000 35,000 262,000 321,000
61 24,000 35,000 248,000 307,000
60 24,000 35,000 235,000 294,000
59 24,000 35,000 223,000 282,000
58 24,000 35,000 211,000 270,000
57 24,000 35,000 200,000 259,000
56 24,000 35,000 190,000 249,000
55 24,000 35,000 180,000 239,000
54 24,000 35,000 170,000 229,000
53 24,000 35,000 161,000 220,000
52 24,000 35,000 153,000 212,000
51 24,000 35,000 145,000 204,000
50 18,000 35,000 137,000 190,000
49 18,000 35,000 130,000 183,000
48 18,000 35,000 123,000 176,000
47 18,000 35,000 117,000 170,000
46 18,000 35,000 111,000 164,000
45 18,000 35,000 105,000 158,000
44 18,000 35,000 100,000 153,000
43 18,000 35,000 94,000 147,000
42 18,000 35,000 89,000 142,000
41 18,000 35,000 85,000 138,000
40 18,000 35,000 80,000 133,000